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2 Aug 2022


Pregnancy Treatments:

Pregnancy is a wonderful natural miracle of preparing to bring new life on Earth. Naturally the Embryo's growth is much depended in the mother's health, life style etc. With modern fast & stressful life style pregnancy is often experienced through many hardships and unpleasant symptoms than may often undermine the mother's health, and even affect the born-to-be baby.

Modern lifestyle often affects many young women while being pregnant: working hard, coping with stress, coping with mass communication and technology, etc. thus turning a natural wonder such as pregnancy into a long, painful & tiring process, often accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms, complications, decreased immunization and body power, unstable sensitivity and more.

It is well known that Shiatsu and Anma may assist much in the process of pregnancy, starting from alleviating pain & other typical symptoms common in pregnancy, and up to helping the natural development of the embryo inside the uterus and preparing the pregnant woman to a much better labor. Symptoms successfully treated by Shiatsu & Anma are: body & head pain, nausea & sensitive stomach, tiredness or weakness, anxiety, poor sleep and more.

Shiatsu-Anma treatments are recommended regularly starting from the second trimester and until the labor itself. The common frequency is usually set to once a week but may vary according to the client's needs and bodily constitution. Treatments are performed traditionally on a matt with the client lying on her side (side posture). Careful attention is given to specific areas such as the lower back, the abdomen etc. Other than that treatments are pretty much similar to regular treatments.


Postnatal Treatments:

Giving birth is a process requiring much effort from the mother’s body and leaves his “trail marks” for long after being completed. Many symptoms such as muscle cramps, mental instability, minor internal hemorrhages, “Varicose Veins” syndrome, body edema (swelling) and other forms of physical & mental functional decrease may develop as a result of not resolving the by-products left-over after giving birth.
Shiatsu-Anma treatments may greatly help with that!

The main focus in the treatments is on the abdominal (“AMPUKU”) and hip areas where most of the “after birth” tension is left. Of course there is also some focus on local treatments for symptomatic relief. Postnatal treatments are mostly being done with client lying in side position, as the abdomen may still be hyper sensitive, swollen or week.

This form of massage is very effective in restoring body’s power & functioning as well as releasing it from left-over toxic materials and due to its safe nature and simplicity is highly recommended to most women!


During my years of practice I was blessed to assist many pregnant women and improve their labor process and even their post-natal recovery to a great deal. I welcome you to contact me for more information regarding this topic.

1 Aug 2022


PAIN in oriental understanding is NOT a pathogen causing a health-related problem but simply “stagnation” in KI/Blood flow (or- body functioning). Pain is nothing but a STIMULUS created by the body when trouble is sensed, such as damaged tissue, that is delivered to the brain providing information about the characteristics of the problem and awakening a natural RECOVERY process. Thus, proving the mind is relaxed (parasympathetic state).

So fighting pain is not the root of recovery because ignoring/sedating pain means interfering the natural process of recovery.

The goal in Shiatsu-Anma therapy is to “reveal” the pain by touching in a controlled relaxed manner so the natural process is unblocked and renewed (KI flow). If pain indicates severe local damage than naturally we will not be able to comfortably touch it!


STRESS is the body's reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. It begins as a momentary tension and after a while may become “fixed” in the body and deteriorate its functioning and health, for example an unexpressed emotion, or a rigid joint that cannot move.

As practitioners we may sense stress as a field of excess conductivity (nerves activity) at relevant areas/points, like a “magnetic field”. So stressed points/areas can actually attract our senses, like magnets, providing we are relaxed and intuitive. When Stress and pain are starting to resolve, body breathing is stimulated (relaxation)!

So a skilled practitioner is not “afraid” of pain but enjoys it!

29 Jul 2022
Asi Shnabel LMT
Another self care vid I recently made especially for the stay-at-home times. The abdomen is the center of our health and the most fundamental part to cultivate on a daily basis.

Here are simple techniques to apply daily. Please apply with comfortable hands and breath lightly into your pressure and massage.
This should help provide and rejuvenating and refreshing sensation.
Hope you enjoy it :)
It is my future goal to teach self Shiatsu-Anma therapy.

It is important to mention this technique is in no way an alternative to any authorized medical treatment in any case of significant health condition. In such a case, please consult your doctor before practice
28 Jun 2022

The effects of Shiatsu-Anma

Shiatsu and Anma both aim to promote the natural healing process already existing in our body, whether it is for maintenance and well-being, helping to restore our body's stamina or specifically alleviating any health condition.

Due to their non-manipulative and non-aggressive  nature, Shiatsu and Anma apply a very safe, accurate, deep and sensitive pressure techniques, along with stretches and exercises. Thus it helps the body to naturally return to a state of recovery in specific body areas and conditions were it has been compromised.

Shiatsu and Anma can affect all of our body's systems, tissues and cells, from muscles and connective tissues to nerves, bones density & structure and organs/systems activities. The later is usually affected through stimulation of the Autonomic nerve system, regulating and balancing it.

Classic Asian resources mention the concept of "Qi" energy (Jap. "KI") that relates to the "cosmic breath" that flows through everything in the universe and determines the quality of existence as well as health. Traditional Asian medicine focuses on removing blockages in the flow of "Qi" so to allow it to naturally metabolize the cells and heal them. In my humble understanding I associate "Qi" flow with the Aerobic energy metabolizing every body cell throughout the blood stream, constantly exchanging fresh Oxygen with CO2 ("old", waste). Through accurate pressure-techniques we stimulate the nerve-system to activate the Diaphragm muscle and renew the blood flow to specific points and body areas. A healing recovery cycle is thus being encouraged.

Shiatsu and Anma can be effective directly (locally) and indirectly:

Direct effects include: releasing local tension in the Musculo-skeletal system, stimulating or relaxing   local nerves, improving joints range-of-motion (ROM) and invigorating flow of blood and other bodily fluids.

Indirect effects are achieved by stimulating the central nerve system (CNS; brain) and the Autonomic nerve system (ANS, balancing the sympathetic and para-sympathetic systems) and thus regulating autonomic physiology within the body and encouraging self correction.

By potentially affecting all body tissues and systems we may conclude that Shiatsu-Anma therapy can help individual with almost any health condition if the reason for their condition is inner tension damaging tissues and obstructing the natural physiology of their body as a whole, such as in overworked or damaged muscles, overworked nerves-system, lifestyle habits that weaken the immune system, past trauma that over-stimulate body systems like in Asthma and more.

To conclude:

Shiatsu-Anma is all about improving circulation, "cell-breathing" metabolism, neurological balance. Thus promoting the natural ability of our body to heal or recover itself. Shiatsu-Anma can be a therapy by itself or included as part of a whole therapy program (like in a case of weight control or any chronic physiological condition). When our tissues breath naturally and neurologically balanced, we are at our best!

24 May 2022

Tanden (TanTien): The center of our being

For many centuries the source of our being, power and health is known among the sages in the far east as the body's center of gravity, or the "field of longevity" (Tanden= Jap.; Tantien= Chi.). For centuries this center was cultivated and maintained by healers, martial-artists and masters of many types of arts who believed that perfection depends in utmost utilization of this center, both physically and mentally.

In fact, sources point three divisions of this center in our body: The upper "Tantien" (3rd eye) as the mental center of wisdom, the middle center (middle of the chest) as the center of emotions and conception and empathy, and the lower center as the physical center, the center of gravity in our bodies and source of our true strength.

Breathing into and from this center (lower center) is considered as the most fundamental element in maintaining health and optimizing our body's powers and functioning!

In my personal experience over the course of practice I noticed a significant connection between the healing and recovery potential to the quality of abdominal ("Tanden") breathing, both in myself and in my clients.

The secret of abdominal breathing is to allow gravity to rest on our pelvic area (supported by the back and sacrum region), and to allow breathing out into every effort we make (instead of locking our breathing as most people commonly perform).

In Shiatsu healing therapy it is probably the main purpose to evoke and improve this basic form of breathing and connect into body areas and points in need. Everything comes down to this simple yet most powerful principle. As a result the patient can feel their body changes, metabolizes, releasing toxins and revives.

My sessions and entire work of life are focused on this "Tanden" breathing principle and on educating my clients and students to develop their awareness to their "Tanden" and improve their ability to self heal!

Wishing everyone a healthy strong "TANDEN"!

28 Apr 2022

About Healing

The universe is all about proportion. There is no good or bad. everything has it's own timing and proportion to exist whether it is meant for creation or destruction. What we define as good or bad may mean the opposite for others or other beings. So it is always recommended to keep things in proportion to the greater picture (the universe and dynamic the cycle of life). When our happiness is a part of the greater happiness it is a true lasting one. All health issues are derived from inner misery and conflict when something is lacking proportion and exaggerated, like to exaggerate or repress activity, rest, emotional expression, sleep, right, left, etc.

Be ever flowing and proportional to the universe, the seasons, the time, the guidance of heaven and the love of earth. The answers are ALL within you. Seek them with asking the right questions!

7 Apr 2022

An amazing lower back release

When I was still in Israel I had my uncle coming for a weekend visit with his wife. He was barely walking or standing and his wife was helping him. He said he had strained his back for the past 2 days real bad and don’t know what to do. It was a Saturday so he was resting and avoiding calling a Doctor. Than he asked me for help knowing I’m a Shiatsu therapist. I was looking at him for a moment and thought to myself…. his knees look a little stiff…

So I asked him to carefully bent down on his knees and support himself with the nearby sofa, holding his hand on it. I instructed him how to do so and he actually cooperated, surprised it was not that hard to do. That he asked: “What’s next?”

The next thing was chatting with him for a few minutes… maybe 5 or so…

At some point I asked him to stand up again. He was a bit scared to do so, but finally did it and was very shocked to realize that the back pain was almost completely GONE!

“How did you know, Asi?” he asked… I said humbly I didn’t but since his knees looked so stiff I realized they could not take part in carrying his body weight so it made the hip-line overworked. By performing this simple corrective stretch he simply shifted the tension away from his lower back to his knees so they got stimulated and circulated and the lower back was relieved!

Of course he was so happily surprised and could not stop praising me for that the whole visit 😀

So this is a perfect example of how the simplest things, like keeping all body joints flexible and circulated can be of great help and almost with no cost or effort! Please apply daily!

31 May 2022

Shiatsu-Anma and Fungal Bladder Infection

One of my most interesting treatments happened only a short while after graduating the Shiatsu school. A family member of mine complained about painful bladder when urinating and a bloody urine for the last two days. She was in her 20's and highly stressed at that time. I offered to help relax the body and gave her a 1-hour session.

During the session I realized the body was highly stressed and required mostly a calm steady pressure (Shiatsu). Focus was put on the Bladder and Kidney meridians. Otherwise it was a general overall session in which she had to stop for 3 times and run to the towelette-room to urinate.

The first break involved a big bloody discharge with no pain and the last break involved a totally clean discharge!

At the end of the session she was very relaxed but completely "drained" and tired and went to bed to rest. The symptoms had totally disappeared!

The next day she went to the doctor for a checkup and he diagnosed her as having had a bladder fungal infection. The Doctor was amazed to know she "cured" it by having a single Shiatsu session...!

I was very proud and glad to help :)

15 Mar 2022

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Shiatsu-Anma

My first ever encounter with “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” happened years ago in Israel, when I was employed in an integrative healthcare clinic. I was assigned to a woman in her 60’s who was an office worker and was scheduled for an operation on her hand due to having this condition. She was also smoking chronically and I could feel her body was very stiff. I came to realized that addressing the problem locally is just insufficient for a good effect.

So it took me only two sessions to alleviate her condition to her great surprise and to lead her into canceling her scheduled operation since she got amazingly much better!

During those sessions I worked mostly on her forearm (Meridians: Pericardium and Tripple-Warmer), pressing and stretching/rotating her hand and working on her upper back/scapular areas and neck to better circulate them. Her chest was very stiff (PC energy) so I had to palm pressure it to improve circulation and breathing a bit.

After those two sessions she stayed more to work on the whole body for stress relief and general function. We realized she has much more pain and stiffness in the body and gradually she got better. She became a regular client of mine for a long time and never needed a Carpal Tunnel surgery since then!

Ever since then I had many more treatments for CTS and other wrist and arm cases in which I found out Shiatsu and Anma to be very helpful and beneficial. In fact this is one of my highest rates of success in helping people! So if you have such a disability or know anyone who may need my help please contact me and allow me to help!