Asi Shnabel LMT321-444-7785

Asi Shnabel LMT321-444-7785


My martial arts experience

I hold a 4th degree black belt ("Yondan") in Aikido and obtain over 35 years practice  in martial arts, including 8 years of KARATE (traditional Okinawan styles) and most years in AIKIDO.

These days I started teaching independent Aikido in a local Dojo in Apopka, Florida: Bushido-Aikidojo.

Practice is dedicated for the preservation and cultivations of Health, peaceful interaction and awareness in a more practical way accessible to Western culture and focused on quality rather than form. Martial arts practice had greatly contributed and enhanced my understanding of healing and health, through the principle of peaceful resolution of conflicts and body-mind awareness.

Ever since the age of 15 I became an enthusiast of BUDO (Jap. "Martial Arts") and practiced various styles and schools of traditional Japanese  BUDO and self-researched this fascinating world as I develop. My Aikido practice includes practicing most of the main styles such as "the KI society", Aikikai (my main certification), "Korindo-Ryu" and more. I never  belonged to  a single "Sensei" and always strived for self mastery based upon many Known masters and inspirations. My unique skill aims for perfecting body awareness, peaceful and effective interaction, elegance, inner strength and sword-cutting quality.

Between the years 2001-2009 I founded a local branch-Dojo in Israel, Kiryat-Ono, and taught Aikido there while running the Dojo on my own for nearly a decade. I had as much as 33 students and won a lot of great feedback from many colleagues, teachers and students.  I consider it to be my greatest project so far and it had helped me greatly in developing my skills and my understanding of  the true value of BUDO. My teaching extended in 2010 to a few of my dedicated students.

In 2012 I immigrated to the USA. I have continued my practice in several Dojos around the greater Los-Angeles area, California between 2011 and 2020, and recently moved to Orlando, Florida.