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As I believe practicing self Massage and Shiatsu can support a healthy life style and even assists in an ongoing treatment, I came up with recommended items I have previously tried in person (and can fully support their use).

All these items are very affordable, easily purchased and highly effective and practical for self use. Hope you can enjoy them soon. I will keep posting additional items later on and will also be glad to share items recommended by you too. Please contact me by email for any recommendations. 

You are welcome to leave any feedback regarding purchase or use of these wonderful devices down below.

1 Jul 2022

Foam roller

A core pressure and exercises device for any deep muscular area in the body like the back, neck, thighs etc. I find it very useful for releasing muscular tension in the spinal area and even in the abdominal area (still pressure). 

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1 Jun 2022

Acupressure matt

One of the most successful and recommended devices ever!

Can be used in many ways and mostly works to disperses any intense concentrated pain or tension.

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15 May 2022

Electric massager with Infra-Red heat

Electric percussion massager from HOMEDICS brand. Used by professional such as Chiropractors etc. Very effective in releasing thick muscle cramps in minutes. Plugs to a regular outlet and includes IR warming heat.

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1 May 2022

Spikey foot massage bar

This incredibly simple device provides great acupressure stimulation to our feet, controlled by our body weight, that can relief a whole daily tension in just a few minutes!

It has two groups of spikes and can fit any type of ache. Best used in standing.

I personally prefer the external spikes (smaller).

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15 Apr 2022


Another great and simple device to realign the spinal area. Very good for relieving pains and aches due to an overly stressed back and neck  while lying passively on it for a few minutes at a time. One can even sleep on it for the night due to its silicon based elastic material.

Great for back/neck muscles spasm. I have tried and recommend it!

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1 Apr 2022

Neck Massager

A very good manual neck massager that can reach the deepest neck tissues and relief neck stiffness within a few minutes.

Care must be put in cases of medical issues or health complications involving over stimulation of the sympathetic nerve system.

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1 Mar 2022

Another Plastic Octopus Massager

The best manual device for skull (head) massage!

Can relax a stressful headache within a few minutes. Most recommended for computer/office workers!

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1 Feb 2022

Plastic Octopus Massager

A simple yet very effective manual device for massaging flat areas and also for deeper pressure holding it backwards (holding the legs and pressuring with the head) and working on the belly. Try laying down on it in supine position for back/hip pressure. can be used in many ways! 

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